Monday, December 19, 2011

11/18 Swansboro Clear Water Sightcasting for Redfish! Great Day!

Sunday Trip- I left the dock this morning with Dave Roska and crew attempting to scour the surf for redfish. We covered miles of beach before locating a decent school of about 500 reds. We worked them for a while... having to constantly relocate them due to a dirty surf. Later, we moved into the skinny backwater flats in search of some sightcasting opportunities. Shortly into it we found some head water which turned out to be a couple hundred reds from 18in to 26in. They were spooky due to the extreme low water but, we hunkered down and waited them out. a short wait and a 6in rise in water and they began eating. We followed this school through the bay for quite a while, landing a few each time they layed down to rest on a new spot. What started out as a cold morning turned out to be very productive day hooking up with close to 20 redfish. Great work Guys!

-Call for open December Dates! Weekdays and Weekends!
-Capt. Jeff Cronk
Fish'n4life Charters

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