Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Anyone who knows me knows that all I use on every rod is Berkley Fireline... Well, check out this new breakthrough Berkley has managed with Super Braid Technology... a truly clear, translucent super braid. This will open up many new possibilities for extreme light tackle fishing for BIG FISH both backwater and nearshore! I'll be spooling up all my rods with this product and will certainly let all of you fisherman know how it performs. Check out the awards and comments at the link below.

Sat. 8/26 Chuck Spaulding and Jon Williams of Berkley and Pure Fishing.com took some time out of their busy schedules help Sponsor and Participate in the 2006 Onslow Bay Saltwater Fishing Club's "Take the Troops Fishing" Tournament held out of Osprey Oaks Marina in Newport, NC. Chuck and Jon put this young soldier on some serious flounder action near Bogue Inlet using Berkley's red 3in. curly tail minnow tipped on a 1.5oz bucktail. For more information on this technique of catching limits of summer flounder, check out the article in the thursday, Aug. 31st issue of the Fisherman's Post Magazine. It can be found at most tackle shops and marinas along NC's coast from MHC to Wilmington. Or you can order a subscription at www.fishermanspost.com Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com

Sunday, August 27, 2006

8/27/06 Ben Atwater onboard for a 6hr trip today hoping to target the summer flounder in the ocean and a few redfish inside. Well we worked our way through a 2 to 3' chop in a 3 to 4' swell and found some flounder. We worked them for a while with several rainstorms blowing over and boated about 14 flounder with 12 keepers from 1.5 to almost 3lbs. We headed back with just enough time to work a couple of bays for reds. We had two explosions on the surface plugs but neither stuck. A tough day as far as weather but.... these guys managed to put some fish in the boat anyway! Great work Guys! Capt. jeff cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

8/26/06 Rob, Jeff, and Wes from the Burlington area onboard again this season for an 8hr trip along the beach seeking out the flatties. These guys wore'm out! They put up about 38 flounder in 7hrs of fishing and kept 28 up to 5lbs with most fish weighing 2+lbs. Super Job Guys!!!! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS - 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or EMAIL JCRONK@EC.RR.COM

8/26/06 Rob with a citation doormat that pounced on a 3in red curly tail Berkley Gulp SW bait tipped on a 1.5oz Bucktail. This was one of about 38 flounder today. Capt. Jeff Cronk

8/25/06 Chuck Spaulding and Jon Williams holding up 2 of 7 big flounder they caught while testing out some Berkley Gulp SW baits during a 4hr afternoon trip on Friday. A beautiful sunset, lots of fish, and all smiles.... that's what I like to seeeee. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or EMAIL AT JCRONK@EC.RR.COM

8/25/06 Jon Williams with a 22in ladyfish that exploded on a Topdog off a grass flat near Bogue Inlet on Friday afternoon.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

8/20/06 Well, the weather man was off a little on the wind thing today. I left the dock around 6:30 this morning with Chris Wood and crew aboard hoping to wear out the big spanish (not the clarkspoon spaniards) and kings again. The forecast called for 5mph eventually 10+ in the afternoon.... YIKES, how about 10 to 15 at daybreak from the SW. Well, it wasn't a big deal the Triton handled her good in the 4ft seas. We dropped our lines back and within 2 min. we put a 26in. king in the box... then released a few... a few knockdowns that pulled the hooks.... then WHACK! a 20lb king slammed a mullet minnow on a medium light 7ft rod with a Penn 360 slammer loaded with 12lb fireline and proceeded to smoke it! It was a 20min Battle with one prong of a tiny no. 6 gold treble in the corner of his jaw and a 5lb drag before we boxed him. We threw back a couple more small kings and kept a 2.5lb spanish then switched over to flounder fishing. A little less than 2hrs of flounder fishing produced 8 keepers from 1.5 to 3lbs and a few throwbacks before heading back to the dock around 12:30. Excellent Job Guys! I look forward to having you onboard again... Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com.... PS. LOOK FOR THE ARTICLE ON FISHING FOR SUMMER FLOUNDER IN THE OCEAN IN THE 8/24 ISSUE OR THE LABOR DAY WEEK ISSUE OF THE FISHERMAN'S POST MAGAZINE. I HAD GARY HURLEY (FISHERMAN'S POST) AND DR. BOGUS ONBOARD FOR A FEW HOURS THAT MORNING.

8/20/06 Here's a shot of a 20lb King the we had today with Chris Wood and crew aboard today. They landed this fish on a trout rod with 12lb fireline and a tiny no. 6 gold treble.... Super job on a fish most would have lost... What fun on light tackle! Capt Jeff Cronk

Sat. 8/19/06 Ashley Harris and Crew from Dunn, NC onboard again this season for a 6-hr trip along the beach targeting flounder, big spanish, and kings. Whoa! Awsome day today! We started the morning by wearing out the 2.5 to 5lb spanish macks and some kings up to 9lbs on light spinning tackle. We put 11 spanish and 4 kings in the box and had another 15+ knockdowns during the first 3hours of the trip then we switched over to looking for flatties. We caught all the spanish and kings on live fingermullet using no. 6 gold treble hooks and 4in. of light 25lb malin wire as leader. We spent about 2 hours scouring the bottom for flounder and wound up keeping 9 flounder from 2 to 3+lbs and threw a few undersize back. GREAT JOB FISH'N GUYS (and gal)! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com


8/20/06 Well, Hello Everyone.... Just got back from a week vacation on Fripp Island in SC... What a relaxed place. Definately not a place for a hunter to go to relax though.... The island is about 4 miles long and a mile wide and there are deer walking all over everyones yards... I mean 1 to 4 deer in every 3rd or 4th yard... and they are tame! Heck, everytime you stop your golf cart the deer come walking up to you... Here's a shot of one that was feeding along the road. He turned and just came to us... kinda spooky when you're looking at a 8 point buck coming at ya knowing he could mess ya up if he wanted to... Anyway, I'm back and have a few fishing reports for the past couple days.... Capt. Jeff

Thursday, August 10, 2006

8/10/06 Brian Benoit and his son on this morning for a 6 hr trip. We ran about 13 miles offshore hoping to tug on a few barracuda on some wrecks before working the flat ones... but they weren't nibbling this morning so, we moved nearshore and found a good flounder bite. We wound up keeping 13 nice sized flounder and also threw back about 10. We got a spanish just over 5lbs and a redfish at 26 7/8in long... (and inside the 3 mile limit). Awsome morning on the water and back to the dock around 12:30. Super Job Guys... Great fishing with you again this season. Capt. jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE - 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com for info...

8/10/06 Benoit with a 5+lb spanish on light spinning tackle that smoked a fingermullet on a no. 6 gold treble hook with 4in. of light wire leader. Capt. jeff Cronk

8/10/06 Brian Benoit with a 26 7/8in redfish this morning about 2 miles off the beach on a bucktail! Super job! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

8/9/06 Tony Blake and crew aboard for some flounder/ Big spanish action this morning during a 6hr trip. Well, the big spanish were gnawing for a short while early in the am.... and we managed about half a dozen hook-ups on light spinning tackle to land 4 spanish with two just under the 6lb citation size. Then we switched things up and began working Berkley Gulp Baits on Bucktails as well as live baits on modified carolina rigs along some live bottom for flounder. These guys wore it out and in about 2 hours managed to box 17 flounder with the largest close to 4lbs and some grey trout and seabass too. Excellent morning on the water and on the way to the dock around 11:30am. Capt .Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com for info...

8/8/06 John and Debbie Pollock were onboard this afternoon for a 4hr trip hoping for some flounder and reds on the internal waters. Well... the tide was extremely low so we decided to start working some ICW structure for flounder and it payed off! First cast put a 3.5lb flounder in the box and over the next 3 1/2hours we managed to land another 10 flounder and kept 8 from 1.25 to 4.5lbs and threw a few small fish back too. Super Job Guys! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 OR 336-558-5697 OR email jcronk@ec.rr.com for info...

8/8/06 Debbie Pollick with a 4.5lb flounder working some docks on the internal waters this afternoon. Great Job Girl! Capt. Jeff Cronk

8/8/06 Steve Nations group from Bessimer City, NC onboard today for a 6hr trip along the beach targeting spanish, kings, and flounder. We found some spanish and kings in about 50ft of water about 4miles off the beach early in the am... We kept 1 nice king about 29in. and 4spanish with the largest over 5lbs. Then we stopped and worked some live bottom for several hours and brought 13 keeper seabass and 7 nice flounder on deck before heading back to the dock around noon. Great Job Guys! Enjoy those fillets! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512

Monday, August 07, 2006

8/7/06 Thomas Rutherford spending some quality father- son time with Thomas Jr during a 6hr trip along the beach today. Beautiful "slick cam" day today allowing us to move around quickly and locate a good bite. We found some big spanish and decent kings within a few miles of the beach and had about 20 strikes to land about 5 kings and 3 big spanish. Largest spanish today was 5.4lbs. Then we spent the last hour of the trip targeting flounder and managed to put 7 in the cooler ranging from 2 to 3+lbs... Again, an absolutely perfect weather day on the water with some good fish'n. Super Job Guys! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS -910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com for open dates

8/7/06 Thomas and Thomas Jr with a small king on light spinning tackle. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

8/7/06 Thomas Rutherford and Thomas Jr. with a big spanish mackerel that slammed a live pogie on light spinning tackle. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

His first King!
Saltwater Redneck Charters

nice fish!
Saltwater Redneck Charters

Had a fun day with with Marshall and crew. Managed some nice Kings. We lost a mid 20's fish and had a 30 pounder ate in half by a shark. Great guys and nice day on the ocean.
Saltwater Redneck Charters

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sat. Aug. 5th- Wow! Jason Guthrie of Swansboro with a 9.75lb Flounder that pounced a 4in. fingermullet on the incoming tide in Bogue Inlet.- Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

Friday, August 04, 2006

8/4/06 Well,,,, after a day and a half of a 101.4 fever and a swollen tonsil.... I woke up this morning with no fever and feeling better. Regular client Rob Stranahan, his wife, and little 10yr old Matthew got onboard and we eased out the inlet. The small spanish were everywhere but we were trying for the bigen's. We managed to put up 3 2lb spanish and had a big King sky on our bait in the propwash. Then we switched up to flounder fishing. We spent about an hour looking for flounder and landed about 10 with 6 keepers from 2 to 3lbs and a couple of Big Sea bass when little Matthew got sick... no problem... we shot back to the Marina... dropped him and Rob's wife off... and worked the internal waters for a few hours. We found some flounders on the inside up to 4.3lbs. Had fun as usual Rob. You guys take care and I'll see you again in a few weeks. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com

8/2/06 Bobbie Perry of Lake Forest, NC was onboard today solo for a 4hr trip. We worked live baits and Berkley Gulp Baits on Jigheads and managed to put about 12 flounder in the boat. Bobbie kept his limit of 8 with the largest at 3lbs. We also got a couple of seabass about 1 to 1.5lbs. Great job Bobbie and I look forward to having you onboard again. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697

8/2/06 Bobbie Perry with a 3lb flounder on a live mullet minnow in 50ft of water near bogue inlet. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

7/31/06 Well... I started out the morning with Dr. Bogus helping out with his Monday morning fishing segment on 107.3 out of MHC covering live bait fishing... Then it was back to Swansboro to meet up with Gary Hurley of the FISHERMAN'S POST Magazine to catch a few fish for an upcoming article. Well, the three of us left out about 9:15, went and filled the livewell with some fingermullet for livebaiting big spanish, and then headed out the inlet. It was kind of late for a big spanish bite and we couldn't get them turned on so we switched things up about 10:30 and looked for flounder. First stop, first drop, Dr. Bogus put on on the bucktail... and by 1:00pm we had landed 15 flounder (kept 10 up to 3lbs), and a mess of seabass (kept 3 about 1lb) and then headed for the internal waters to take advantage of the little high tide we've been getting to hunt for some redfish in the skinny water with topwater baits. We worked for about an hour in three different areas and managed 4 explosions from redfish... 2 of which stuck... and we landed a 21in and 28in. red on topwater baits... Great morning on the radio... and great afternoon on the water fishing... I had a good time guys. Gary, I look forward to seeing your article in next weeks issue of the FISHERMAN'S POST... Super Job with the magazine... best ever! Capt.Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 OR 336-558-5697 OR email jcronk@ec.rr.com

7/31/06 Myself, Capt. Jeff, with a 21in. red that struck a topdog just before heading back to the dock to call it a day with Dr. Bogus and Gary Hurley onboard.... Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE

7/31/06 Gary Hurley of the FISHERMAN'S POST magazine with the largest redfish he's ever landed on a Topwater bait at 28in. with 7 spots. Capt. Jeff Cronk - FISH'N4LIFE

7/31/06 Dr. Bogus with a 3lb Summer Flounder on a Bucktail/Gulp combo while Gary Hurley is in the backround bringing up another flatty! Capt. Jeff Cronk

Mon 7/31/06 Gary Hurley and Myself with a double header on some flounder using Bucktails and Berkley Gulp baits.

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