Sunday, February 20, 2011

OPEN DATES - Redfishing and More - Revised 3/7/2011

HELLO FOLKS! I hope you all made it through this terribly cold winter ok. Well, the redfishing has been excellent all winter despite the cold. We've been locating large schools of mid to upper slot reds and now, with the warming weather, it's actually very comfortable and enjoyable sightcasting conditions. I've got the following dates open:
MARCH 19,20 (Redfishing also Albacore beginning mid March)
APRIL 9,10,16,17,25,26,27,28 (Redfish, Albacore, and Bonito beginning late April)

-Call Now as dates will go fast.
-Thanks for your support of Fishn'4life Charters and Carolina Fishing TV!
-Capt. Jeff Cronk
cell 336-558-5697

2/20/2011 Great Sightcasting for Reds!

I had a regular client and good friend wanting to do some redfishing today. We waited until the sun got up good and made our way to a few locations holding some good schools of reds. It was a very productive day as we found a school of 100 reds willing to eat. Caught fish ranging from 18in to 20in in this school before moving on to another school of about 1000 reds.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jan 30th Sightcasting to Inshore Reds!

Shot out this morning for a short while with Zack M. to take advantage of the beautiful sunny, warm, slick calm morning. Our first stop and we were on a school of about 250 20 to 25in Reds in less than 1ft of water. We worked these fish for just a short while before several boat came in on top of us on the same school of fish... very annoying... too much boat pressure and trolling motor noise shut them off. We moved on and found another small pod of about 15 fish followed by a third school of about 30 fish. Most of the schools we found today were smaller schools but big reds of 24in to 26+in. A whole bunch of fun sighting them in about 1ft of absolutely Gin Clear water!
-Capt. Jeff Cronk
Fish'n4life Charters

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