Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taylormade Charters Recent Photos

Taylormade Charters
Capt. Mike Taylor

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open Dates - Inshore/Nearshore Fishing

Hello Folks,

I hope you've been enjoying our latest shows of Carolina Fishing TV. Capt. Mike Taylor and Myself have been busy but we still have openings for fishing charters this Fall.

Capt. Mike has several mornings available every week on the weekdays... And I have several afternoons every week available on weekday afternoons as well as a few weekend mornings. If you'de like to do some serious fishing give us a call and reserve a date for your group.

Capt. Jeff Cronk 252-764-2174
Capt. Mike Taylor 252-725-2623

PS. Both Capt. Mike and I have unexpected openings this Sat.Aug. 28th due to some rescheduling. Call asap between 7am and 10pm to reserve this Sat. for inshore or nearshore fishing.
We appreciate everyone's support with both the TV show and our Charter service. If we can ever do anything to better serve our clients and viewers please take a moment to email or call.
-Capt. Jeff

Saturday, August 14, 2010

8/10-8/14 Fish'n4life Trip Photos FLOUNDER AND REDS!

8/14 We had a superb inshore bite today with Doyle T. and his sons. After scouring a few bays we got onto a good redfish bite and were able to land 8 reds from 21in to 27in. using Berkley Gulp Alive Pogies on jigheads. We hit some good areas for some serious shallow water flounder fishing and hooked up 15 flounder. We kept 4 from 2lbs to 3.75lbs. Unfortunately, we lost 3 flounder at the side of the boat today from 2.5lbs to 4+lbs.... and released 8 short fish. We cleaned up our fish around noon. Great job on the flounder Quint!
Capt. Jeff

8/13 Spent a couple hours with Steve B. and his family doing some fish'n mixed up with a little eco-education.... This precious little girl had her first Redfish today which measured 26in along with a few sharks... We made a couple stops and loaded up on 40ct. shrimp and picked up 20 sharks teeth.
;) Capt. Jeff

8/13 A few hours with the Daughtery crew onboard with perfect conditions for some nearshore jigging. We found plenty of flounder but, many small fish today. We landed about 25 and wound up with 7 keepers along with half a dozen seabass from 1 to 2.5lbs. A few sharks to add some excitement and it was an enjoyable morning. Thanks guys!
Capt. Jeff Cronk

8/12 Brian and Evan Benoit toughed out the 4ft seas today to satisfy their need to feel a flounder thump a bucktail... Conditions kept most boats inside so we had some nearshore ledges to ourselves for a few hours. 4 hrs of jigging and we boated about 30 flounder with 9 keepers with the largest near 5lbs! A few seabass in the mix and we had a great morning and in by noon. Great Job Gentlemen!
Capt. Jeff

8/11 Jeff White and son onboard this morning for some serious backwater fishing. First stop produced a 29in, drag smoking redfish and an awsome topwater hookup with a 3lb chopper blue. We moved on to our second spot and pulled 7 upper and over slot reds and 5 flounder off a shallow mud flat. Our third stop resulted in another flounder and 2 more upper slot reds. A great morning and back in time for lunch around noon. -Super job on the hookups today guys!
Capt. Jeff Cronk

Son of Mike Toms stepped on for a quick afternoon trip before he heads off for Paris Island for boot camp. We spent 3hours searching for reds in some tough 20mph SW winds. We started slow and ended strong. Wound up landing 5 big reds and a 4lb blue over the course of 3hrs.
-Capt. Jeff Cronk

8/10 I enjoyed some backwater redfishing today with the Hackney crew. We scoured the shallow bays in the area and found some very nice reds. Wound up landing half a dozen reds and a handful of flounder and back to the dock around 11am. Great job guys!
Capt. Jeff Cronk

Sunday, August 08, 2010

8/8 Nearshore Flat Attack!

Casey, Ryan, and Robbie worked over the flounder today. We spent about 4hrs jigging... picking off a few at each stop... then finally got on a knot of fish and whacked them. We landed 26 flounder and kept 16 from 1.5lbs to 3+lbs. Great day with some great fishermen.
-Capt. Jeff Cronk

7/31 Nearshore Summer Flounder

Mike Baker crew on today for some nearshore flounder fishing. Lots of throwbacks today but we managed some big fish. Great work guys.
-Capt.Jeff Cronk

Thursday, August 05, 2010

7/30 Almost 100 Flounder! New CFTV Episode

Today, Friday/July30th Capt. Mike and I filmed a new episode of CFTV. We shot our 2010 Ocean Flounder show with guests John Roberts and Folden Lee onboard. We fished a handful of hard bottoms and ledges inside of 5 miles. The action was non-stop and we wound up landing between 90 and 100 flounder as well as a ton of seabass, oyster toads, and sharks. We kept 28 flounder from 1.5lbs to 3.5lbs. Be sure to check out the new episode this Sunday on Fox 8 at 9:30 or view it online at www.CarolinaFishingTv.com
-Capt. Jeff Cronk
336-558-5697 / 252-764-2174
Capt. Mike Taylor

July 26th -28th Nearshore Fun! Flounder, Grouper, AJ's

7/28 John M. and his son joined me today for a whackem, stackem, trip in the ocean today. We started out trying to put John's son on his first AJ for a lock down brawl! After tackling a few AJ's and a big Barracuda, we moved on to a nearshore ledge to double up on some grouper. Little man had never caught a grouper before today but.... he proved to be a good digger and cranked up a nice keeper. We landed 5 and kept their limit of two about 8lbs each. Then, we finished up the morning back toward the beach on some live bottom where we jigged up some Purrrrty flounder! John landed the largest flounder today at 4.5lbs and his son caught his largest to date at about 3lbs.
Great Job Guys.... Capt. Jeff Cronk/ Fish'n4life

7/27 Johnny H. and wife finally got the weather we were looking for to target the ocean for some good action on the flat fish. We quickly grabbed some peanut pogies incase the Spanish bite was on.... but that bite turned out to be off today... so, we switched things up and started pounding the nearshore live/hard bottoms for flounder. We steadily picked away until the last hour and a half of the trip..... when we got into the flounder. It was steady strikes and landing plenty of fish, both shorties and keepers. We made our way back to the dock around noon nd layed out our catch. We wound up landing about 20 flounder with 10 from 1.5lbs to 4.5lbs and a big seabass. Great morning of fishing! Great work folks!
Capt. Jeff Cronk

Gerald Cleveland and sons were onboard today. We searched for a school of reds and eventually found a good pod which offered up some great reel screaming action on Topwater Baits! Excellent job guys!
-Capt. Jeff Cronk

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