Saturday, February 25, 2006

2/25/06 Afternoon Trip with Matt Lee and his buddy aboard... intended for a 4hr trip but ole' Mother Nature said NO WAY! 15min. or less and we got onto a good school of reds and the spanking commenced. We fished it about an hour or so and the wind picked up to 15 to 20 out of the SW and the swell jumped up to 3 to 4fters in the shoals making it dangerous... We left having caught about 15 reds with the largest at 32in. and about 12lbs. Good Job Matt!- Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512- jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/25/06 Dillan and Mike onboard today for a 4hr trip... These guys had perfect conditions with zero swell and clear water... first five minutes we found a school of over 1000 reds. We nailed them for several hours until the boats got thick on us... then, we moved on and found another school a mile or so away and wore them out for over an hour before we were covered with boats again. In all we fished a little over three hours to land about 50 reds with the largest at 31+in. and 11+lbs! Great Job Guys.. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697. Posted by Picasa

2/25/06 Mike with a 31in. red about 11lbs. Sweeeet Job Mike!- Capt. Jeff Cronk- Fish'n4life Charters. 910-326-7512 Posted by Picasa

2/25/06 Mike from Raleigh with another 24in. red... one of many today... -capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 Rick and his father holding up the result of another triple hook-up late friday afternoon.... Sweeeeet! 35+ reds caught and released in less than 2 hours. - capt. jeff cronk 336-558-5697 or 910-326-7512 Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 Good God! look at the reds rolling in the shallows.... some of you have asked how close to the beach are they... well their backs are out of water here! Yet, Mike blitzed a school over a 1000 yards off the beach today as well. capt. jeff cronk Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 Rick Patterson holding up two big'ens he and I just put in the boat... the fish'n is on! capt. jeff cronk Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 My cheezy smile holding up a 30 in. red.... man we found two massive schools this afternoon just before sunset... caught about 35 in just less that 2 hours! capt. Jeff Cronk 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 Lou and the guys with another triple hook-up! An all day dilema! Capt. Jeff Cronk and Capt. Mike Taylor.  Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 here's one of many triple hook-ups... notice the edge of a massive school of reds in the upper left corner of the pic on the end of the fishing rod... thousands of 22 to 30in. reds free swimming near the surface in deeper water about 1000 yards off the beach! Sweet!  Posted by Picasa

2/24/06 Lou with a pretty fish that had 45 spots combined for both sides... These fish were way off the beach. capt. mike taylor Posted by Picasa

2/23/06 John on board with Mike Taylor today for a couple of hours... They wound up with about 40 reds up to 29in. weather not the best but still a good bite.- capt. Jeff cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 capt. Mike Taylor 252-725-2623. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

2/20/06 FISH'N4LIFE AND TAYLOR'MADE CHARTERS..... SON! What a BITE! Myself and good buddy, Capt. Mike Taylor decided to ignore the cold drizzle and hopped in the boat about 11:00am to search for those winter reds we've been ignoring as we've been hitting the trout good all winter. 5min.s down the beach and we located a massive school of 24 to 30in. fish. The swell was bad so we beached the boat and proceeded to wear the arses out! We fished for about 2 1/2hrs and managed around 40 big reds! We caught them on soft plastics, topwater baits, spinner baits... These fish were fighting over the topwater baits... and in late February... 45 degree weather... drizzle... who'd of thought! It was constant double hookups as we had the school almost at our feet. Fish moved and we hopped in the boat relocated them and started catching them from the boat... left them biting to take my wife to the doctor... Capt. Mike Taylor and Myself will be running trips for these reds from both the surf and boat through Feb and March... availability limited to pretty days... flexible schedule a must... Check out some pics below. Capt. Jeff Cronk 910-326-7512/ 336-558-5697 jcronk@ec.rr.com and Capt. Mike Taylor 252-725-2623.  Posted by Picasa

2/20/06 Capt. Mike Taylor with another 29in. red that struck a zara spook... The fish were crushing the topwater today!- Capt Jeff Cronk- Fish'n4life- jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/20/06 Myself with a 24in. red that struck the new spinner bait/ spoon put out by Cape Lookout Lures... I'll post more info on the bait soon. Capt Jeff Cronk- jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/20/06 Mike holding up another pair of doubles (26in. and 28in.).. we constantly had two fish on at a time! Capt. Jeff Cronk- jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/20/06 Mike w/ a 28in. red caught on a topwater bait! - Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- jcronk@ec.rr.com  Posted by Picasa

2/20/06 Myself with a 24in. red on a soft plastic/ jighead. Capt. Jeff Cronk- jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fri 2/17/06 I had Mike Marsh, Well known Fishing/ Hunting writer and photographer onboard today looking for some February Speckled Trout to write about.... Hopefully, a citation. Well, the trout bite was slow and we stuck it out managing 5 puppydrum and 4 specs to take photos of... ranging from 2.3 to 3lbs... along with some pretty shots of the cape. should make a nice article in some upcoming issues of various fishing magazines...When it hits a magazine I'll drop a message here on the board incase anyone wants to take a look at it... Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 email at jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

Fri 2/17/06 4 trout from 2.3 to 3lbs  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 11, 2006

2/11/06 Drizzling rain this morning with a forecast to continue raining and eventually blow so we stayed close to home today to checkout the striper situation up the river. Mike Taylor and I worked some artificial baits for about 6 hours and managed 10 striper with the four largest between 20in. and 24in. missed another 10+ strikes and hookups. We found a good bunch of fish toward the end of the afternoon and left them biting... Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE Charters- jcronk@ec.rr.com- 910-326-7512 Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2/8/06 a couple of pretty trout from today... 4.45lbs and 3.5lbs- Capt. Jeff Cronk- 910-326-7512 email: jcronk@ec.rr.com Posted by Picasa

2/8/06 Fished a couple hours this morning before hightailing it to get my wife to her Dr.'s Appointment for her shoulder. Mike Taylor and I wound up landing around 70 puppy drum with a few 19inchers and 6 speckled trout with a 4.45lber, 3.5, 3.1, 2.8, and 2lber. slow bite on the trout this morning but the drum were a lot of fun too. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

2/2/06 Mike M. and his father Ed with 18 speckled trout from 1.5 to 4+lbs while fishing onboard with Capt. Mike Taylor of Taylor'Made Charters today. SWEEEET! Capt. Jeff Cronk- Dates still available for Feb. Trout and Red drum. 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 Posted by Picasa

2/2/06 Mike M. of Jacksonville and his father Ed with some 3 to 4+lb trout caught aboard with Capt. Mike Taylor today. Posted by Picasa

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