Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sat March 21 Charter

Had Jaime and Julie Colley on the boat today. While waiting on the arrival of their new 2410 Ranger Bay Boat, Jamie decided to book this charter to learn how to use the Boat in shallow water and some techniques on fishing. Started the day out catching several Reds using the MR27. We moved into another bay where we started catching 2.5 lbs to 4.5lbs Trout. For a windy day we sure did catch some quality fish.

Capt. Mike Taylor
Taylor-Made Charters

March 15 and 16 - Trout Fishing

It was a nice day for Fishing. Fished with some good friends, Robby Andrews and Dustin Tilley. On both days the Bait of choice was the MR17, MR26, and the 4in Gulp Pogy. Caught several Nice size Trout ranging from 1.5 lbs to 4 lbs plus some small Reds.

Capt. Mike Taylor
Taylor-Made Charters


Fished with John Roberts on the Neuse River. Caught plenty of Trout and one NICE 6 lbs RockFish. The bite is picking up in the Neuse!

Capt. Mike Taylor
Taylor-Made Charters

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Brochure Information

Hello Everyone, while I'm waiting to get my site updated, below is a link to my 2009 Brochure. Be sure to book early to secure your desired dates. Steady bookings are already coming in for May thru the end of the year. Between Myself and Capt. Mike Taylor, we will do everything we know how to get your group on the water for a fun filled day of Catching Fish! Thanks for all your support,
Capt. Jeff Cronk


Thursday, March 12, 2009

03/11/09 Specks

I went trout fishing with John Roberts yesterday, had to take advantage of the 85 temps. The day started out pretty slow. With the warm temp and the fish biting like crazy made for alot of boat traffic in the creek. We stayed out well into the afternoon cathing in total 11 nice size trout. They all fell for the MR17 mirrowlure.

Capt. MikeTaylor

Taylor-Made Charters

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2008 IFA Redfish Tour Championship Event show 2

Hello Everyone, I hope you're ready for some Serious Fishing this Season! We're already having a ball on big schools of Reds and some beautiful trout too... If you didn't get a chance to view the IFA Redfish Tours Championship Event this past November in Panama Beach City, Fla. Click on the link below to watch. Mike and I had a great time fishing the IFA Redfish tour in 2008 and we're getting ready for the first event of 2009 which is set for March 28th in Charleston, SC.
-Capt. Jeff
Click on link Below:

If you would like to view all three shows on TV check this out:
Show 1 will be on Versus (ch.26) on March 13th titled "Americana Outdoors"
Show 2 will be on Versus on March 14th titled "Americana Outdoors"
Show 3 will be on Versus on March 15th titled "Americana Outdoors"

Monday, March 09, 2009

2009 Season of Carolina Fishing TV

Hello Everyone... just wanted to take a minute to update you regarding the 2009 Season for Carolina Fishing TV... click on the picture below for details and a quick video to get the point across!!!
Capt. Jeff and Capt. Mike
ps. if you ever have trouble with the video loading/playing... just click on the tiny arrow to the right of the play/pause button. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Finally! TROUT! Lots of fish with a 6+lber today!

Well, Mike, Darryl, and Myself got the new HD Video Camera in for the new season of Carolina Fishing TV several days ago... So, we hopped onboard Ranger's Banshee Extreme and went looking for some trout with the 70 to 80 degree days we had this weekend. Annnd, as luck would have it, Sat. we found a good bite from 9am till 11am and wound up landing about a dozen trout with the larger ones at 3lbs along with a couple of small flounder and a couple of Striper Hookups. Then, today we tryed some fresh areas that we've never worked before. About 1/2hr into this morning and we were catching quality trout. No Striper or flounder today but we wound up with 16 Trout today with nothing under 1.75lbs. Most of the trout were 2 to 2.5lbs but we did have several that were between 3 and 4lbs and Mike managed to land one weighing just over 6lbs. I wish I could say that I had some pics to share but, no still camera onboard... good news is that we got it all on video.... from the strikes, and hook sets, to the dipnet and livewell or release. Mike let the biggest go today... for someone else to catch and have a chance battling. Keep an eye out for the footage when the new shows begin airing in April.... Sundays at 9:30am on Fox 8/14 (Jacksonville to Greenville and to the coast) and Sat.'s at 8:30 on Fox 26 (Wilmington area) When you get a chance... check out the Banshee Extreme by Ranger, you won't believe how shallow this boat will go... it is absolutely the shallowest running technical poling boat I have ever been on. and it's not a noisy jetdrive! I know we had it in less than 6in. of water on plane without touching bottom or blowing any mud out of the propwash...and it floats in 5 1/2in... truly amazing! www.rangerboats.com
Capt. Jeff Cronk
Capt Mike Taylor

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