Saturday, November 25, 2006

11/25/06 2 Trips- 2 Citation Specks...

11/25/06 Morning Trip 4hrs 6:00am-10:00am Left the dock this morning with Willy and his family aboard this morning looking for some more big trout. We worked hard but the bite wasn't as good as Friday. We fished about 3hours and landed 5 speckled trout from 2lbs to 4lbs 9oz, about 20 redfish, and a sheepshead. Although the bite wasn't super... it still turned out to be a good morning with lots of fish. Capt. Jeff Cronk

11/25 Afternoon 4hr Trip 11:30 - 3:30pm Well,,, back at it hoping to get a bite on the trout to no avail at first... we hooked up with about 15 redfish and kept a nice 23incher... then began working the backwaters hard looking for some trout... finally found a hole producing and we hooked up with 9 speckled trout weighing from 1.75lbs to 4.2lbs and another good sized redfish. We had some pretty specs this afernoon with a 3.6, 3.9, and the 4.2..... also pulled off another 4+lb trout at the boat before we could get the net to it... awsome afternoon and catching fish with no boats at all around us! Great Job Raz and Ed! Good job on the Citation Raz! Capt.Jeff Cronk

11/24/06 TroutFest! 3 CITATIONS! 60 SPECKS, 40 REDS

11/24/06 6HR Trip today with Kevin Lancaster and his good friend Brad. What a time we had today. We fished Berkley Gulp baits for 5hours and managed to land about 60 speckled trout with 10 over 3lbs... of which 3 were 4lbs 6oz, 4lbs 8oz, and 4lbs 11oz. Most of the trout weighed between 2 and 3lbs today. We got into a real good redfish bite and caught and released about 40 redfish too. It was just an awsome day of fishing in a strong NW blow.... Great job Guys... Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 or jcronk@ec.rr.com

11/23/06 Turkey Day Trout...

Well, I know I wasn't supposed to go fish'n on Turkey Day... but, couldn't help myself... My neighbor's Father, Joe Remus, and I had to run to the store so we brought a couple of rods with us and made a pitstop to a creek and walked down through the woods to make a few casts real quick. We hooked up 4 fish in about a half hour including several trout and a redfish. Here's a pretty trout we pulled off the spot. Hey back at the house with the grocieries and she almost didn't know we went fish'n... Almost! Hope you all had a great Turkey Day! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE- 910-326-7512 or jcronk@ec.rr.com

Monday, November 20, 2006

11/19/06 60 Speckled Trout---- 2 Citations 4lb and 5.4lb

Sunday, November 19th
I had another regular client and excellent fisherman, Bobbie Perry, onboard today. Bobbie drove down from Wake Forest at 2:00am... fished until 1:30 with me... then drove all the way back.... and I thought I was addicted! Anyway, taking into consideration the water conditions of Saturday's trip... I up and left the area for this trip and Bobbie and I targeted specs slightly north. What a great day of fishing! We fished from 6:00am until about 1:30pm and landed about 60 speckled trout.... We had about 20 trout weighting from 2.5 to 5.4lbs each, and 40 trout weighing from 1.5 to 2.5 each. We also landed 4 redfish and a 2lb tautog (oops! guess I just told where I was fish'n). Check out the pics below! also, i've got a few more open dates for December/Jan. for targeting these big specks, stripers, and drum... i've updated the availability list below a few posts if you're interested in some serious fishing with 200% effort on every trip! Several folks have called interested for some of these dates but haven't called to confirm... so, reserve while available.. Looks like the weatherman will have us all indoors the next couple of days... Thanks and have a great Turkey Day with your loved ones! Capt. Jeff Cronk, FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697.

11/18/06 Slow Trip Today! Two Inshore Slams...

Saturday, November 18
Well, I had Mike Perry's group onboard today for an early morning trip hoping to get on a good bite like the last trip.... but, mother nature threw us toooo many curves. The early morning rising tide brought a mess of chalky water with only several inches of clarity into the internal waters making a good bite almost impossible and the falling tide brought a ton of brackish water from the upper river run-off (from the recent 3in downpour across the state) almost to the ocean... so, the bite today was rather slow. Surprisingly, we mangaged two inshore slams with two speckled trout, two flounder, and two reddrum and we parked the boat back at the dock at 12:30. Our largest trout weighed right at 3lbs and our largest redfish about 4lbs.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

11/15/06 Late Afternoon Topwater Trout here in Swansboro!

Well, got on the water at 3:30 today and decided to try a hole i haven't fished in several years... A hole that used to hold a lot of specs back in the day.... and to my surprise I picked up a 2lb trout on the 3rd cast using a Berkley Gulp Jerk Shad on a 1/16 oz. head in 4ft of water. By 5pm I had landed 12 specs from 1.75 to 2.25lbs with 8 on the Berkley Jerkshad, 2 on the redback TT mirrolure, and 2 on the Zara Spook Topwater Bait. Also picked up 2 flounder with one shorty and one keeper. Back at the dock at 5:20... anyone interested in trout/redfish trips or sriper trips for December... avail. dates are posted on the report titled Current Availability. Capt Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com

Monday, November 13, 2006

11/10-11/12 Report and Swansboro Trout Tournament Results

November 10-12 RECAP... Well, with a tournament coming up on Sat. the 12th... Jason Guthrie and I decided to do a little pre-fishing. We spent some time fishing the waters from New River in Jacksonville all the way to Cape Lookout and almost to the Neuse River in search of Big Trout.... NADA... we caught more 1.5 to 3.2lb trout than we knew what to do with but no bigboys... so, we decided to hit the Jetty on the day of the tourny and see if we could wiggle in a hole that was holding some decent fish. We ran the ocean from Casper's Marina to the Jetty and managed a great time of just under 40 min.'s (about 35 miles from home). We got there and to our surprise no one was anchored on the hole we wanted... we anchored up and began wearing out the 2 to 2.5lb trout with hopes of a big one in the mix... about an hour and a half into it and we had already caught upwards of 40 good sized trout. With not many boats on the Jetty catching any trout at all... and a few boats catching a couple of spikes... we thought maybe the 80degree temps and slick water had shut them down... so, we up and left with 6hours of fish time left to try and pick off a couple of bigger fish on the internal waters to up our weight. We worked about 6 holes from MHC back to Swansboro and managed to boat another 40 speckled trout from 1 to 2.5lbs but couldn't find that one big trout we wanted... we pulled into weigh-in at Casper's Marina to find that the bite picked up at the Jetty about 1:00pm along with the wind and several of the other teams that took the chance at the JETTY and waited it out caught fish up to and just over 5lbs. We wound up with a 3 fish weight of 8.5lbs with our largest fish at 3lbs 2oz. The top five standings were teams captained by 1st place- Ashley Melton, 2nd Place- David Moore, 3rd Place- Richard Peterson, 4th Place- Ricky Kellum, 5th Place- Jeff Cronk. There were 10 positions paid for the 3 fish aggregate. The calcutta for largest fish went to 1st Place- Richard Peterson, 2nd Place- Ashley Melton, 3rd Place David Moore. There were a bunch of positions paid and recognized for the Junior Anglers and Lady Anglers and there were a mess of drawing prizes given out to boot. It was an awsome tournament and turn-out with just over 50 boats fishing. The top fish weighed was close to 6lbs. As soon as more details regarding all positions and weights are released I will edit this report and repost with UPDATED in the subject line. Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE Charters.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


4th Annual Ed Sewell Memorial Trout Tournament

Top 10

Moore, David 23.42 1st
Gainey, John 18.72 2nd
Banks, Capt. Brent 16.3 3rd
Cronk, Capt. Jeff 15.47 4th
Gainey, Buddy 14.84 5th
Peterson, Richard 14.68 6th
Matthews, Todd 13.94 7th
Teachey, Mike 12.99 8th
Ketchum, Cleve 12.8 9th
Musgrove, Jeff 12.63 10th

TWT – Trout

Banks, Brent 6.14 1st
Gainey, John 5.48 2nd
Moore, David 5.43 3rd

TWT – Lizard Fish

Jaquett, Billy Joe 1.02 1st

Lady Angler

Peterson, Stella 2.66 1st
Downs, Terry 2.17 2nd
Parkin, Diana 2.03 3rd
Ketchum, Angie 2.02 4th
Klingele, Michele 1.9 5th

Junior Angler

Gainey, Jake 2.3 1st
Payne, Buddy 1.8 2nd
Westmoreland, Kara 1.69 3rd
Cushine, Brittany 1.64 4th

Sunday, November 05, 2006

11/4-11/5 Loads of Speckled Trout- 4th PLACE- Trout Tourny!

11/4/06 Sat. 8hr Trip with Folden Lee and Jerry onboard for some T-Rout Fishing! IT WAS COLDDDD! at daybreak but these boys hung in there and we were into fish quick! We had a trout on first cast and wound up fishing half a dozen holes to manage 34 speckled trout from 1.5 to 2.7lbs with fish on both live shrimp and Berkley Gulp baits. Great morning on the water and Great fishing! Capt. Jeff Cronk- Fish'n4life Charters- 910-326-7512

11/5/06 Sun. ED SEWELL MEMORIAL SPECKLED TROUT TOURNAMENT. Well, it was cold again this morning accompanied by some strong NE winds but we like all the anglers, stuck it out pounding hole after hole... until, wham! we found a massive school of trout and boated about 95 speckled trout from 1.5 to 4lbs... we put our 30 in those giant live wells on the Triton and began culling... throwing 1.5 to 2lbers back and saving 2.5+lb fish. We wound up with a pretty strong weight for the Swansboro Area of 15.48lbs for 5 fish and a 4.1lb big fish...which gave us the 4th place aggregate in today's 38 boat field. One notch better than last tournament two weeks ago... First place went to David Moore and Mike Phillips of Swansboro who got onto some really big fish and weighed 23lbs for 5 fish! AWSOME JOB GUYS! That's got to be one of the strongest 5 fish weights I've seen for the Swansboro Area in many years. The Trout Fishing is ON! Capt. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS - 910-326-7512 or 336-558-5697 or email jcronk@ec.rr.com for availability.

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