Monday, September 29, 2008

9/27/08 Great Swansboro Inshore Bite!

Sat. morning I had the pleasure of fishing with some return clients aboard. The McGuire group really wanted to catch some Redfish, Trout, or Flounder today. The tropical storm along with a weeks worth of NE winds really had the tide in the woods around Swansboro. During low tide we were experiencing a normal high tide and high tide had all the grass covered. We moved deep into the backwaters in search of some schooling redfish. Shortly into our search we located some redfish along some flooded grass just exploding on fingermullet and shrimp. We eased up and began with a couple of explosions on a Rapala Skitter Walk which produced a 2 lb speckled trout. Then, Larry and 7yr old Jake began tossing live shrimp under popping corks to the location and were rewarded with puppydrum up to 24in. almost every other cast for an hour. We also picked up two black drum here. After the tide turned and the school moved on... We returned to scouting for some Speckled Trout. We made several stops and then found an area that just looked right. We put the power pole down and took our time working live bait along a current break. We began getting trout strikes and spent about an hour and a half to land 7 Specs from 1 to 2.5lbs along with a few bluefish, sea-mullet, and hogfish.

Later in the afternoon, with Jimmy L., his wife Dianne, and their son aboard, we scoured the area for some trout. The bite was good for a short while and we had a bunch of hook-ups managing to land 7 of them along with a few sheepshead, bluefish, and flounder. What a beautiful day today was... and fish'n was great despite the recent tropical storm.

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Capt. Jeff Cronk





Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/20/08 Redfish Action Tournament 3 - 1st Place and Series Champs!

Mike and I fished the third and final tournament of Redfish Action's Redfish Series hosted out of Calico Jack's Marina on Harker's Island. It's been a great Series, well organized, and enjoyable. Mike and I went into this final event in second place for the Title of Series Champs. Although the weather was crazy with 20 to 25 mph winds, Mike and I felt we would have a slight advantage over many of the other teams as we were fishing out of a larger, much more solid boat, our Ranger 2400 Bay Boat. This boat allowed us to get to areas that most smaller flats boats would'nt be able to do because of the rough ride. At one point we were fishing in the surf with 5ft swells on the beach. If we took a wave over the side, the water would run right out our scupper holes in the floor and we could continue fishing. Our first school of fish just wasn't making a good showing as we only landed three fish from it. Next, we worked the surf and landed a few more than we did in the previous spot. Later, we came back inside and scoured some flats and located a school of reds that allowed us to powerpole down on them... and we proceeded to wear'em out! Mike and I landed about 40 reds out of this school and culled through dozens of 25 to 28in. fish releasing many 26 to 26.5in fish. It was a tournament dream day, especially with the weather and knowing we needed a 1st or 2nd place with to have a chance at the Title of Series Champs. The team that was in the lead for the title is a tough team to beat, especially by the three positions we needed to accomplish that. We got to the scales about 3:45pm and weighed in a 26 1/8in 7.13lb red and a 27in 6.6lb red which took first place on this tough weather day. We also earned the title as Series Champs which came with a little more cash and a couple of big trophies! Mike and I would like to thank the following sponsors for their support throughout this 2008 season. Because of their assistance, Mike and I, "team nccharterfishing," were able to place in the top 5 in every event we fished this season from NC waters to GA waters. We also managed to capture the Title of Series Champs for the most accumulated points througout each series including the IFA Redfish Series (www.redfishtour.com), the CCFA Swansboro Redfish Series (www.crystalcoastfishing.net), and the Redfish Action Series (www.redfishaction.com)
Thanks to:

Carlolina Fishing TV (http://www.carolinafishingtv.com/)

Ranger Boats and Ron Enslen (http://www.rangerboats.com/)

Collin's Inc. and Les Collins (http://www.collinsboating.com/)

Crystal Coast Graphics and Chris Ulmer (http://www.crystalcoastgraphics.com/)

Berkley and Dan Vinent (http://www.purefishing.com/)

Dudley's Marina and John Willard (http://www.dudleysmarina.com/)

SeaLake Maps and Jack Salzer (http://www.thegoodspots.com/)

Carolina Furniture Co. and Dion Lynn (http://www.carolinafurnitureco.com/)

AB Surf Shop (http://www.blogger.com/www.absurfshop.com

9/18 Reds until your arms fall off

The cold front that has come across this past week has gotten the mullet up and moving out of the inlets and down the surf. The Redfish are following! Mike and I checked out the surf recently and we saw thousands of reds working the bait! Check out the short video clip by clicking on the picture above. Redfishing will be great from now throughout the winter. We're also catching some nice speckled trout all over the Swansboro area. Both Mike and I have a few open dates so call asap to reserve your Redfish or Trout trip.
Capt. Jeff Cronk 336-558-5697
Capt. Mike Taylor 252-725-2623

Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/13/08 CCFA Redfish Series - 3rd Event - 3rd Place! and Points Champs!

Well folks, the CCFA held its third event of the 2008 CCFA Redfish Series this Saturday. Many anglers said it was a tough day due to the recent passing of Tropical Storm Hannah, which has the water all stirred up. But, despite the poor water clarity, 15 boats brought fish to the scales. Mike and I had a tough day as most of our fish were between 20 and 24in. today and we only landed a few good sized reds including a 25 1/2in and 26 1/4in red. This was just enough weight to win us third place. Although we weren't estatic about our finish in the final event, it was high enough of a finish to "seal the deal" on another Redfish Series Points Champion Title. The official point standings are not on the CCFA site yet but Mike and I, "team nccharterfishing" wound up with 597points out of a possible 600points for the season. Mike and I are excited to hold the title of 2008 CCFA Redfish Series Point Champs as well as the 2008 IFA Redfish Series Point Champs. It's been tough so far as there are a bunch of very skilled anglers in both series. Thanks to Ranger Boats and Collin's Inc. for supplying us with a versatile boat which has allowed us to get to our fish whether its in 10in. of water or braving the crumbling surf! Congratulations to all the fishermen who participated in the tournament and series and to those who have made it to Championship event scheduled for October during the Mullet Festival in Swansboro.
-Capt. Jeff Cronk

9/14/08 "Wounded Warriors" Event

Both Capt. Mike and Myself were happy to participate today in the Wounded Warriors Fishing Event being hosted by both the Swansboro Rotary Club and the Crystal Coast Fishing Association. The plan for the day was to get all the soldiers onboard around 7am and have everyone back to the dock around 11:30 so everyone could converge upon the Swansboro Civic Center for a Catered Lunch. There were just over 20 Soldiers and 18 boats that volunteered. Mike had James Reed onboard while I had John Beaver onboard. John and I went out along the beach looking for whatever would cooperate. It got very choppy and we came back near the inlet where we met up with Capt. Walter Bateman and got on some Albacore. We then went into the backwaters to get away from the rough water. With only 2hrs of fish time left, we quickly worked several bays in search of a redfish. Despite the 15mph winds, we finally hooked up with a very nice 26in redfish on a topwater bait. This fish was a solid 7lb red. Shortly after we got a call from Mike and he said they were on a solid speckled trout bite... so, we up and left our area and met up with him with just enough time left to put a couple in the boat. Mike, on the other hand had been wearing them out all morning and had a mess of trout and a couple reds. Lots of fun today. To all our soldiers, we appreciate the sacrafices you make for us and our nation. Know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Mike and I, as well as all those members of the Swansboro Rotary and the CCFA were proud to be able to add a little joy to your day. Take care, and God Bless you and your families.
Capt. Jeff Cronk

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hello Everyone! Just a reminder about the Crystal Coast Fishing Association's 3rd Tournament of the 2008 Redfish Series this coming Weekend. This Sat. Sept. 13th is the third event. With thousands of dollars in prizes, the race to see who qualifies for the Series Championship event, and a chance for all who participate to get on TV... this weekend is looking great! The Captain's Meeting will be Friday evening, 5 to 7pm at the Hammock's Beach State Park facility in Swansboro. Find a partner and come out and fish the event. Lot's of Fun and Cash to give away. If you don't plan on fishing, come out and see the weigh in on Sat. from 2pm till 4pm at Hammock's Beach State Park. Please come and show your support for the CCFA and your favorite teams. This event will be televised later this month on Fox 8 through Carolina Fishing TV. Ranger Boats and Collins Inc. has stepped onboard and will be providing Ranger Boats for each of the top 5 teams to use during the Series Championship Event later in October during the Swansboro Mullet Festival.
-Capt. Jeff Cronk

Sunday, September 07, 2008

9/7/08 Life after the Storm!

Well, Tropical Storm Hannah passed through on Sat. and I shot out on the water today on Sunday for a few hours to do some scouting. The water is still a little cloudy but the fish are still here.... We stopped and checked on the shrimp situation and found large schools of shrimp with hundreds per cast in open waters. We kept about 100 to eat and released the rest. We then scouted out about 4 areas usually holding redfish and found redfish in all four areas. We fished strictly topwater baits and had 5 blowups and saw several more fish. Check out the size of this pig Dion landed. It was 31in. and about 11lbs. This fish has obviously survived an encounter with a gillnet as it had healing scars around its neck and its back and tail section is still mangled where crabs had been attempting to eat him while stranded in a net... Good news is we took a picture and returned him unharmed to spawn in the future.

-Capt. Jeff Cronk
Swansboro, NC

Friday, September 05, 2008

9/7 Nearshore Flounder Fishing Show - Watch it online!!!!

Hello Folks, Our latest show on Nearshore Flounder Fishing will air this Sunday on Fox 8, Fox 14 at 9:30am. If you are outside the viewing area you can still watch the show by logging on to www.carolinafishingtv.com or just click on the picture above. GIVE IT A MINUTE TO LOAD..... Thanks for your support and don't forget to register on the site for a chance at a free trip aboard with either Capt. Mike or myself, Capt. Jeff.

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