Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/31/08 Flat Attack!

Mike and I filmed another show today. We've been waiting for the weather to get right for some nearshore jigging for flounder. Well, today turned out to be perfect. We left the dock around 7am with my father, Tom Cronk, and Dr. Jack Cole onboard. We picked up a livewell full of pogies incase we needed some live bait. Jack and Dad dropped back a couple of light lines while Mike and I tied the flounder rigs. In less than 15min. they had 8 hookups and boated 5 Spanish/kings and then we went searching for flatties. We fished hard covering bottoms from the beach out 4miles and found a few flounder scattered. About 1pm we got on an awsome knot of fish and worked it for almost an hour before heading to the dock. Our tally for the day was 26 flounder with 16 Keepers, most were 2.5 to 3lbs. We also released about 50 seabass and kept 3 from 12.5 to 13in. and 1 nice Triggerfish. Should be a great show! Lots of footage! Great job today Jack and Dad....oh, you did pretty good too Mike... ha ha... atleast Mike didn't get big one Jack. Jack's big fish today was about 4.5lbs.
Capt. Jeff Cronk

August 30th BIG SPANISH - Great Bite!

My father, Tom Cronk, is in town for the holiday weekend. We shot out on the water Sat. morning with a livewell full of Peanut Pogies in search of those big (Roe) Spanish. If you've ever wondered why you can't seem to catch the big spanish... your catch is primarily those small spanish you've got to measure... well, throw away those clark spoons and bird or tree rigs and go get some 4 to 5in. mullet minnows or shad. These larger 3 to 7lb female spanish want LIVE bait. They are not easily fooled by flashy hardware. If you haven't had a chance to hop onboard with Mike or Myself to target these fish... check out http://www.carolinafishingtv.com/ and look for the show on spanish and kings under current shows. Watch it free online! if you miss the show each Sunday on Fox 8 or Fox 14 on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Well, I left the camera at the dock (Dad was quite upset) but he reminded me at the dock after I already cleaned 4 big Spanish.... Oh well, we still managed a picture of a handful. and Yes, those are Spanish! There is only one king in the picture. The Spanish are ranging from 2lbs to 6lbs. It's onfire right now... if you want to experience some serious spanish fishing first hand... i'm talking about 20 to 30 hookups in just a couple hours! give Mike or myself a shout and we'll try to make some time.
Capt. Jeff Cronk

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hello Folks, This is for real! We've been working with several other large groups and have the support of thousands of individual North Carolinians as well as large groups, clubs, and the list is growing quickly. This website, http://www.nomoregillnets.org/ has been formed to unite all of the different groups across the state with concerned individuals that have needed a place to show their support. The organization has now purchased billboards in the state which will become effective soon. It's important, very important, that you show your support to help improve and preserve NC's fishery and those fragile species of sea-birds and sea turtles that are suffering needless destruction from large mess gillnets that have inundated our backwaters up and down the coast. YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIMPLY GOING TO THE WEBSITE http://www.nomoregillnets.org/ AND CLICKING ON JOIN US. THEN ENTER YOUR CONTACT INFO. OUR VOICES NEED TO BE COLLECTIVELY HEARD!
Thanks in advance for your support,
Capt. Jeff Cronk

Aug. 28 Trip with John Roberts

Had my boss on today John Roberts, starting out catching Reds on top water baits. Left Reds biting and went looking for flounders on the inshore reefs. Ended up with 7 keeper flounders and the biggest being 3.5lbs. Also caught some nice keeper Sea Bass. While dodging the storms today, I was able to get a few pictures of Water Spout off of Bogue Inlet
Capt. Mike Taylor 252-725-2623

more Taylormade Reds

more Taylormadecharter Aug. pics

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug. 19 morning and afternoon trips

more pics

August trips

The redfish bite has been on fire this month.Big spanish are starting to bite on the inshore reefs and rocks.Mondays trip we had 11 from 3lb to 5lb and 2 nice kings by 9 oclock,then came in and caught 15 reds.Left camera at home.Took a friend yesterday for about 4 hours and ended up with 10 span.and 1king.

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