Sunday, October 26, 2008

Swansboro Fishing Aboard FISH'N4LIFE

Tim Farless and crew onboard this morning 10/26. The weather really cleared quickly and today was a beautiful day. We fished till noon and wound up with 4 Reds, about 10 Speckled Trout, a nice 2.5lb Sheepshead, and a bunch of Bluefish. Thanks Guys,
Capt. Jeff

This weekend I had Ed Bullard and his son aboard for a few hours looking for some redfish or trout. The conditions were very tough with winds of 20+mph out of the SE and a little drizzle overhead. After several hours of looking these guys stood strong and our efforts payed off. We found a massive school of reds on a big flat. Luckily we were able to position the boat upwind and we worked them over for more than an hour with non-stop hook-ups. We managed to land and release about 40 redfish from 23 to 28in. Great Job Guys!
Capt. Jeff Cronk

10/22 Late afternoon trip with Ron Enslen of Ranger Boats onboard. Ron was accompanied by several other Ranger Rep's hoping to experience the extreme redfishing we often talk about. Well, it was every bit of that! We had some big swell on the beach and conditions were tough. We located two schools of reds containing between 500 and 2000 fish. The swell made it almost impossible to get close to the fish but, these guys stuck it out with White Water slapping the boat and we were able to land about a dozen nice upper slot reds in a short while. Very enjoyable afternoon guys!

Capt. Jeff Cronk

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fishing has been Great around the Boro!

Hey folks, Mike and I apologize for the lack of reports lately... we've had so much going on it's been hard to sit down and put a report in... anyway, The King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Albacore, Grouper, and Flounder fishing has been good in the ocean out of Bogue Inlet this past week. Mike has had limits grouper from 10 to 20lbs nearshore... 10min. from the inlet! The King Mackerel bite has been sick! with lots of teenagers and fish up to 30lbs. on the beach. The redfish action is incredible to say the least with anglers onboard sightcasting to schools of 500 to several thousand. The speckled trout bite has been a little slow but they're here and anyday it should pick up with the cold front upon us. I'll try to get some pics up on the site later today! Thanks to all, and call asap for late Fall and Winter Redfish and Trout dates! The action will be amazing all winter!
Capt. Jeff Cronk
336-558-5697 or 252-764-2174
Capt. Mike Taylor

Monday, October 13, 2008

10-7-08 Redfish and Trout.

Well, despite the tough wind conditions, we managed to find a few fish this afternoon. I had Chris White and his wife aboard as we scoured the waters looking for a big school of redfish. The wind wouldn't let us get along the shoals so we jumped from grass flat to grass flat in the backwaters to no avail. The recent NE had many of the big schools of redfish following the bait out the inlet. We changed plans quickly and used the high water to access some skinny water where we found some smaller reds. We caught a few on topwater baits and spinnerbaits along with a couple of small flounder and then Chris wanted to try for a couple of trout before heading back. We put on some 1/16oz jigs and Berkley's 4in. Pogies and began working some shelly bottom as the tide began moving swiftly. The trout bite was also slow but we spent an hour and were able to put a few trout in the boat with the largest around 3lbs. Thanks guys and I look forward to seeing you again.
-Capt. Jeff Cronk

Flyrod redfish 10/3 afternoon

Took David Roska and his father inlaw insearch of reds that would take a fly.After locating a nice school inside the inlet and landing 7,we found some willing takers in the surf.Wanted my own flyrod after watching David battle a 31 incher.Capt. Mike Taylor

kings-spanish and redfish blitz

The kings ,spanish and red fishing has been on fire!Took Sean and his brother on 10/3 morning trip.Started out slow trolling pogies nearshore.Boated13 spanish, 4 over 5lbs and 9 kings.Spent last hour catching 15 or more reds in the surf .Capt.Mike Taylor

Monday, October 06, 2008

Reds and Specs.

Started the day off looking for reds with Judge Hubert Olive and his friend Phil McDonald.After releasing 8 nice slot fish we got on a awesome trout bite.great day on the water,8 reds and 24 specs.Capt.Taylor 252-725-2623

spanish-shark trip

Started the day live baiting spanish,had double and triple hookups for 2 hours.Ended up with 15 span. and 5 kings.Boated 2 nice blacktip sharks to end the day. Capt.Taylor

Sunday, October 05, 2008

10/5/08 Wrightsville Beach Inshore Classic Open - 1st Place!

This tournament coverage will be airing this upcoming Sunday, Oct. 12th on Fox8 and Fox14 at 9:30am. There were camera crews onboard with Team NCCharterfishing and Team R&D Fishing. The action was intense on both boats all day! You won't believe the number of reds caught and released! We looked at thousands of redfish through the crystal clear water all day! Don't miss the show! If you live outside the viewing area you can view the current show each week by visiting our website at www.carolinafishingtv.com and click on Current Show.

Well, this Sat. Mike and I participated in the Wrightsville Beach Inshore Classic Open Redfish Tournament which was sponsored by Redfish Action and Ranger Boats. Capt. Lee Willis and his staff did a great job with the entire set-up. Mike and I made an hour and 20min. run each direction which cost us almost 3 hours of valuable fishing time leaving us only 6hrs to find fish and try to get two big fish to compete with the weights of top tournament fishermen. Well, from the time we rounded the sand flat off our first stop we spotted a school of redfish consisting of a 1000 or more redfish. Our first casts produced a couple of big redfish one of which was 25.5in and Mike put it into the livewell to start out what was to be an incredible day of tournament fishing. By 2:00pm we had caught and released almost 100 redfish ranging from 23in. to 32in. and our two fattest reds consisted of a 26 15/16in and a perfect 27in fish. We weren't sure of our exact weights but felt like we had just over 14lbs and enough to make the top 3... Well, we got to the weigh-in site back at Wrightsville Beach Marina at 3:50 to find that the top weight was a little over 14lbs and several boats still hadn't weighed in. As we proceeded to retreive our catch from our livewells, a final look at our fish with their enormous shoulders and thick bodies offered us a little confidence that we might place higher than expected. As it turned out our aggregate weight for our two reds was 14.54lbs with our largest redfish weighing 7.6lbs (7lbs 9.6oz). To our surprise, Mike and I, Team NCCHARTERFISHING, won first place. We also managed to have the top weight for a Ranger Boat. Capt. Jot Owens, also a Ranger team, managed to bring a 7.69lb redfish to the scales to win the TWT for big fish. His team also managed 2nd place in the event. Almost every boat weighed fish in and it was good to see some support for these redfish tournaments in the southern part of our state. This sport is growing folks. Now is the time to take part and support the sport through participation in these events which helps to draw attention to the recreational fishermen of our state. There will be three Redfish Series again next year up and down the state of NC. Be sure to check out www.crystalcoastfishing.net www.redfishtour.com and www.redfishaction.com as we move into the 2009 season so you can get the competition dates and locations into your calendar and plan for next season. Expect more cash and prizes for next season! So, start talking to your friends and get your two man team together! This is the perfect chance for a father to team up with his son or daughter and participate in a sporting event. Guys, think about it... you've got the perfect reason to tell your wife you just gotta go fishing... you know... to practice. Alright moms... please don't get upset with me... It won't be long and my daughter as well as Mike's son will have fishing rods in their hands.
Capt. Jeff Cronk
Team NCCharterfishing

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