Wednesday, September 28, 2005

5/28/05 After Dropping Capt. Mike Taylor off at the dock at 5:30 from the post below... I got ol' Capt. Joe Webb of the BillyAnna on board to help me chase a few reds on topwater before dark. We spent about an hour looking and managed 5 good strikes. At one point Joe and I both hooked up with reds from 20 to 23in. Here's a shot of Capt Joe Webb with his first red ever on a topwater and only his second red EVER! Gotta get out of the ocean every now and again Joe.... Congrats! CAPT. Jeff Cronk- FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

5/28/05 Hopped on the boat for an afternoon bite from 4:30 to 5:30 with Capt. Mike Taylor aboard to check out the trout situation for upcoming trips. My 2nd cast produced a 1.5lb speckled trout, 4th cast produced a 2lb flounder, followed by several 1 to 3lb bluefish. A dozen casts into it Mike hooked up a 25in. red and a 16in. pup. We had an Inshore slam in about 20min. then spent the next 40 min. trying some other holes out.... looks good for the weekend. capt. jeff cronk- fish'n4life Posted by Picasa

9/27/05 4hr Afternoon Trip with Larry Stephenson and Ricky aboard looking for reds on topwater baits. The fish definitely cooperated for these guys today. Neither Larry nor Ricky had every caught a red on a topwater bait until today. We had 12 blasts from the reds on the spooks and dogs and managed to keep 5 hooked up. All fish were from 23 to 25in. and Larry managed to get a nice one in on his new rod (built it himself) and on his Birthday. Great Job Guys... send me the photos and I'll add them to the post! Expect the action to continue into late Fall! CAPT. JEFF CRONK - FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- 910-326-7512 Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

9/25 Me, Capt. Jeff, with a chance to throw a bait myself.... purrrrty red on a topdog. Man he slammed it! They slammed them all day! Love it! Posted by Picasa

9/25/05 Fished with good friend Capt. Rick Patterson onboard today. We went a look'n for some reds. Fished about 6 hours and never had to use live bait. We had strikes all day and hooked up a dozen or more reds. The topwater action has been superb throughout the day, regardless of wind and sun conditions. Expect the action to continue while the water is still cloudy from the storm. -capt jeff cronk- FISH'N4LIFE  Posted by Picasa

9/24 Tim Farless crew onboard today for a 6hr. trip. We covered some ground today, worked carolina rigs, float corks, spinner baits, topwater baits and more trying to put the fish in the box. We caught some small pups and flounder on live baits today but the topwater baits and spinner baits proved to beat all. We had about a dozen strikes on topwater baits and two hookups on the spinner bait, one of which was a nice-sized flounder. Super Job guys. congrats on your first topwater reds! Capt. Jeff Cronk - FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

9/24 Farless crew with a 26in. red on a topdog... FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

9/24/05 Farless crew with a 25in. red drum that struck a topdog... FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

9/24/05 Tim Farless Crew with a 24in. red drum caught on a topwater bait... FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

9/18/05 Jim and Angie Allen of Hubert with a few nice fish. We fished a 6 hr trip today. Started in the ocean looking for the greys... caught a few but the ocean was a little unsettled so we came back inside and managed to land about 15 puppydrum, 4 flounder, and some bluefish. Enjoyable day. Good job guys! CAPT. JEFF CRONK - FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

9/17/05 Wes, Rob, and Jeff on board today for a full day.... they wanted to take a chance on the bite just two days after the hurricane... good decision. We wound up landing about 40 grey trout up to 16in., 2 speckled trout, 7 flounder, 25 puppydrum, a dozen bluefish, and some seamullet, croaker, etc. Great job guys... look forward to having you onboard for stripers in December/Jan. CAPT. JEFF CRONK FISH'N4LIFE Posted by Picasa

9/17/05 Wes Weger of Burlington with 1 of 25 puppydrum caught in White Oak on live shrimp today. Posted by Picasa

9/17/05 Rob, of Burlington, with a 2lb speckled trout in White Oak River (one of two specs) Posted by Picasa

9/17 Tagged shark caught during a full day trip today. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

9/10/05 Wind Howling about 20+ and charter rescheduled... so Capt. Mike Taylor and Myself went scouting some protected waters for flounder and reds.... fished from 8:30-11:00am and managed to pull 14 flounders with 7 keepers from 15 to 17in. along with 3 small puppydrum. Later, We ran toward the inlet and encountered a 21ft Henry'O in the connecting channel as they hit a shoal and sunk the boat with 4 to 5 fters breaking over the side. Helped them aboard our vessel, radioed the CG, and waited for Sea Tow. Boat Destroyed! Be careful out there. This boat was not in the ocean or the inlet. Capt. Jeff Cronk Posted by Picasa

9/4 A little rough today. I had Phil Morris of Lucama, NC onboard today. We stuck it out and it payed off. We managed to land about 20 flounder with 13 keepers. A little slow after yesterday but, still a nice batch of flatties. Good job guys.  Posted by Picasa

9/3 Stranahan group with a flatty just under 6lbs... one of 57 flounder today. FISH'N4LIFE CHARTERS- capt. jeff cronk 910-326-7512 Posted by Picasa

9/3 Rob Stranahan Group with 37 of 57 flounders caught during a full day trip today. We had 5 in our crew today and almost kept our limit of 40 flounders. Largest flounder today was just under 6lbs. Super day on the water! Great job hook'n em guys! Posted by Picasa

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