Sunday, May 15, 2011

5/12/2011 9 Cobia, 6 Giant Red Drum! Fishing the Crystal Coast!

Capt. Mike shot out the inlet this morning back in search of the "Brown Beast" after wearing them out yesterday afternoon running solo. They spent a couple hours working along with other boats on big bait balls close to the beach. Then, about mid-day they moved offshore and found some bait about a mile off the beach covered with big sharks. Just beyond the sharks were cobia on the surface and they spent the next couple hours catching and releaseing Cobia, Sharks, and to their surprise, 40 to 60lb Red Drum! They wound up landing 9 Cobia, 6 Giant Red Drum, and a bunch of big Sharks... Most of their Cobia bit Berkley Gulp Eeels on bucktails and Berkley Gulp Power Bait Eels.
CAPT'S MIKE (252-725-2623) AND JEFF (252-764-2174) (336-558-5697)

Below are the baits we're using to target Cobia.... Berkley's 12in Pre-rigged Power Bait Eels.... a 3 to 4oz Bucktail tipped with Berkley Gulp's 10in Eel or the 7in Jerkshad. We're using 60 to 80lb flourocarbon as leader.

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